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Cultural brunch
at the Nucu Mansion


Scream, Prahova
07 August 2021

Cultural brunch

Gastronomic and cultural experiences
07 August 2021
10:30 am

On July 3, we invite you to Brunch in the courtyard of Conacului Nucu!
It will be a real delight for the senses, a delight for the eyes, ears and stomach, a deep foray into the world of the boyars of other times. 

The event will take place at Str. Orzoaia de Jos no. 30, at Conacul Nucu, a winery undergoing restoration and revitalization, highlighting traditions, products and local heritage.


What are we going to do?
At brunch (breakfast + lunch), i.e. an extended lunch that starts with breakfast, we will be invited to taste and enjoy dishes according to old recipes, cooked by locals with ingredients from their yards. We thus support responsible tourism, as all income goes back into the community.

The Conference

What are we preparing for you?

In the menu we will prepare: dishes that go well with the wine of the Prahov hills, served to your liking and in the order preferred by everyone.

We prepare at least - 10 types of appetizers, 2-3 hot dishes and 3 types of desserts, well watered with syrups and stories about the vineyards. In our cookbook there are recipes with mutton, duck and chicken, we have excellent recipes for vegetarians and you are sure to find at least 5 tastes that you will remember. We cook naturally, with a low concentration of sugar for desserts so that you can enjoy it whether you are an adult or a child. In the drinks section we prepare a special selection of wines, syrups and juices.


10:30 am


11:30 am


12:30 p.m

1:30 p.m

2:30 p.m

3:30 p.m

brunch buffet
Nut Mansion
located in 
100% unplugged concert with the Band 
Only that
Walk on the hill behind the Manor
Wood engraving workshop and craft demonstration with
Mr. Petre Ghițeanu
Memorable ending

How much do you invest?

150 lei/person
Because we want to be with the people of Urlați, we offer a 30% discount for any participant from Urlaţi 
Children under the age of 10 are free
Children between the ages of 10 and 17 have a 50% discount
Transport to Urlaţi is provided by each participant.

Dishes with a story


Mutton pastrami

The hills of Prahova not only produce grapes from which the best wine is made, they are also the place where

graze flocks of sheep. At brunch, you'll find mutton swirling on top of the pot, slowly browning until it melts in your mouth.

The meat is marinated for at least 48 hours, and the spices are also local, thus preserving the authenticity of the place. You certainly cannot taste such pastrami anywhere else. 

After this rest with the spices, the meat reaches the grill under the high attention and skill of our chef, who with his skill brings the pastrami to its true potential.

What do you say? Does such a pastrami work?

vin pelin.png

Wormwood wine

If you have never been to Prahova, you must know that Wormwood Wine is made here, you can certainly find wine in other places, but this is where it was born. Probably many, many years ago the local people discovered that they can use wormwood, they can alchemize it so that its bitter taste becomes the flavor of a representative wine. People who can see the usefulness of wormwood are certainly happy people, who are not afraid of the bitter taste, but give it another meaning. Various scents, wildflowers and aromatic herbs are mixed in the wormwood wine, resulting in a complex liqueur in the glass

That is why wormwood wine is a characteristic of the area, but it also becomes a symbol of the ability to transform, of the change of perspective. When you taste such a wine, it's as if bitter things don't seem so bitter anymore, but become part of life and reason for celebration. 

Pastured on lime leaves

No, I didn't forget dessert! The bird is a special dish for the Prahova area. The recipe is passed down from generation to generation, initially it used cornmeal, ground larger, later the recipe was modified and rice is used. The most important thing is that the dish is served on walnut, linden or vine leaves. Once upon a time, the pâsat prepared in this way was shared on the summer Santas' Day, today it becomes a delicacy of old times, a reminder of what community means, a special and healthy dessert. The bird acquires a specific taste when served on linden leaves. I included this recipe to evoke nostalgia but also to intrigue those who are not from the area, but thus discover it in the most special ways. We are waiting for you in our community of Prahovenians committed to great deeds, lustful when it comes to food and life .


Pictures from the last brunch

Past Events

We are responsible!

In the current epidemiological context, we are careful to comply with all the rules aimed at preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Our team organized the event so that we can safely enjoy the authentic experience in Dealu Mare.

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