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 NUCU Mansion

A few years ago we started the restoration of an old mansion, which we called, simply, Nucu.


Built in 1912, it is one of the few noble wineries that have been preserved in the Urlații region and which is in the process of revitalization.


Here we will soon organize branded events, bring the community together through inclusive activities and attract tourists to the area, highlighting local traditions, products and heritage.




What are we going to do?

We are Simona and Mircea Crisbășanu and we foundedNucu Cultural & Community Centerto develop the cultural life with authentic values in the city of Urlați, Prahova county.

The Nucu Manor has thrived for more than a century and now the time has come to be cherished and put to good use. In the old days, the boyars met here not only to produce good wine, but also to discuss the important issues of the times, or simply to relax with family and friends. Instead of degradation with the passage of time, we chose to save a beautiful house from abandonment and write new pages of history.


Nucu is reviving and will welcome in its courtyard the community as well as visitors eager to discover the traditions, products and heritage of the surroundings.

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30 Orzoaia de Jos Street, Urlati - Prahova

0746 110 033

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